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Petralona Winery is a small family owned business aiming at producing wines 
and distillates of quality corresponding to that of traditional Greek wine making.  
Our wines have received awards in international and national contests and guarantee to satisfy even the most demanding pallates

Η "Οινοποιΐα Πετραλώνων", είναι μια οικογενειακή επιχείρηση που στόχο έχει την παραγωγή ποιοτικών
οίνων και αποσταγμάτων.
Τα κρασιά μας έχουν λάβει βραβεία σε διεθνείς και εθνικούς διαγωνισμούς και θα ικανοποιήσουν και τους 
πιο απαιτητικούς ουρανίσκους.
(Sauvignon Blanc with grown vetch used as natural fertilizer)
(Χρήση Βίκου ως φυσικό λίπασμα για το αμπέλι) 


Petralona Winery is located near the entrance of Petralona village.




Petralona is a small semi-mountainous village in the Chalkidiki prefecture.  It is the center of Petralona district, as well as of Triglia’s municipality.  A large portion of the area is occupied by mount “Katsika”.  From the top of “Katsika” one can have full view of the entire Chalkidiki peninsula.  During the census of 2001 Petralona numbered 362 citizens.  The village’s distance from Thessaloniki is 50km.  Its people are farmers (wheat) and live stock-farmers, while a kindergarten, a cottage hospital and an agricultural union are also operating. 

It is this area that Mr. Christos & Dimitris Kalaitzis have chosen to found “Petralona Winery”, C&D Kalaitzis Co, a small family owned business.  Within the winery’s premises a distillery also functions for the production of Tsipouro.
Christos Kalaitzis has had long-term experience in producing wine and Tsipouro with which he had occupied himself as an amateur and now has turned into a business.
Three vineyards have been certified as “Organic”