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Benefits of wine consumption


It is a fact that wine has many friends and enemies which may be reasonable for a balanced opinion but to which direction does the scale lean to since the term “perfect balance” can be deceiving.
If all alcoholic beverages are put in the same category, as a solution of water-alcohol in varying proportions, characterized and differentiated by the raw material from which they are made of, such as corn, barley, grape, etc, one could easily accept wine’s foes’ position equating and over-simplifying varying unequal parameters.

Well-proven studies and research on various wines’ nutrients have validated that these aid and protect the human body and health and are suggested nowadays for use not only for protecting but also for curing many serious diseases as well as for increasing tolerance towards chemo-therapy. Maintaining oxidative reducing system’s homeostasis in one’s body during modern age is gradually becoming more difficult because “modern-man”, despite the many comforts, is living in an hostile environment and is daily under combined attacks from oxidative substances found in foods (e.g. pesticides), water (bad quality), air (atmospheric pollution), but also from substances created by the human body itself under stress conditions or injuries. Aforementioned attacks aim at enzymes and DNA of cells whose mission is, among others, to correct damage caused by various illnesses/diseases.

In a few words, the result of stopping human’s body homeostasis is becoming ill. In the endless battles the human body has to give throughout its life cycle it can win if the chemical balance within it is well-adjusted; To this aids the unique combination of ethyl-alcohol, which is the main drastic substance of wine together with its anti-oxidants (phyto-alexins), phenolic compounds and Catechins with which it synergizes in order to bind and neutralize free radicals that have oxidative function.