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About us

Our vineyards are of very low yield per hectare thus giving high quality grapes.

It’s love for good olive oil & recognition of its benefits for the body & mind that inspired us to set our olive grove in 2014 with the famous “Koroneiki” variety.

From our kiosk at the winery’s yard, visitors can enjoy the view of mountain Olympus (Mountain of the 12 gods) while enjoying wine tasting.

Our goal is making excellent quality wines via vinification of small quantities of grape selected by hand.


«Petralona Winery»

since 2003

Since 2003, we cultivate biologically 3 hectares of vines. The whole process, vintage, vinification, stabilization, aging, to bottling is done with the personal work of father and son. Our white Sauvignon Blanc with yields of 600 kg/0.25 acre gives us wonderful aromas and a rich mouth while Merlot and Xinomavro 800 kg/0.25 acre, combined or alone 100%.

Our red wines are prolonged fermentation with grapes’ skins and seeds, so they have an exquisite flavor and unique aromas with a high content of tannins that soften with aging in oak barrels and then in the bottle for many years.

Christos & Dimitris Kalaitzis

Petralona Winery, founded by Christos and Dimitris Kalaitzis, is a family business that aims to produce quality wines and spirits.
Our wines have received awards in international and national competitions and will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Christos Kalaitzis graduated Pharmacist from the Greek university and then worked in a big pharmaceutical firm for many years until he started his own business again focused on medical supplies a field where he pioneered on spinal surgery implants.  At the same time he decided to expand his operations in wine making, something that was a favourite hobby of his since his youth, making wine at his parents’ house with grapes he’d buy from various vine growers.

Later in 2003 he founded Petralona Winery focusing at making wines and distillates of high quality from our own vineyards  that are of low yield per hectare thus producing grapes of very high quality; Vineyards are also certified for organic farming.

Our varieties are Xinomavro, Merlot & Sauvignon Blanc of which the two may be international and non indigenous but due to the area’s climate, the vineyard’s location as well as soil’s produce grapes of very high quality which in turn create wines that differ to same variety wines found abroad because of the different terroir.

Dimitris Kalaitzis graduated Business Administration and at the same time carries on with his occupation in the field of medical supplies and mostly spinal implants, he has also specialized in Technical File composition concerning medical equipment for CE mark application.  He is also occupied with field work in the vineyards and olive grove as well the rest of activities in the winery.

The end result you’re holding, be it wine or olive oil is the outcome of father’s and son’s toil.