“Antarsia”, red

(Regional dry red wine)


Τhe wine you are holding combines the exuberance of Merlot, of Chalkidiki’s vineyards, with the sophisticated taste of the local variety of Xinomauro coming out of the region of Amintaio.

It has been aged in Φrench oak barrels for one year, the result is simply sensational!
Enjoy the diversity of its taste not only with food but with fruit as well.
(Antarsia was under the process of approval as a Biologic wine but does not have a certificate because the necessary period of 4 years was not over yet)

Alc.: 13.5%
Bottle: 750ml
Vintage: 2007
“Antarsia” has received a silver medal in the 11th International wine competition of Thessaloniki, 2011