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100% Sauvignon Blanc, from our vineyard certified under organic farming, low yield per hectare (420kg/he) and mild oenological interference (its own yeasts, natural stabilization and very light filtering without using bentonite).

Natural stabilization of tartaric and proteins as well, it’s an audacious step which has been successful.  We had experimented with smaller quantities during the past two years and realized a big difference not only in body but also in aroma.  These results combined with the grapes’ excellent health (proteins responsible for fogging in wine after bottling are very minimal when grapes are “pure”) gave us the will to kick start natural stabilization for all production of 2020.

👃👅  In terms of tasting notes, its deep shiny yellow colour, the aromas of bread and grapes in the nose, lemon and citrus in the mouth and full body, buttery and voluptuous with an explosive acidity have been paired beautifully with the plateau of yellow cheeses it accompanied but it can be sure that it can accompany as well all white meats or fried sea food that are the honorary “guests” during this season.